Welcome to Home Profit Mart Network your expert in managing your Health and Wealth!

Who We Are:

Home Profit Mart (HPM) is duly registered in Nigeria with the CAC. It is also an arm of Transmout Network Limited (RC: 797530).

We are a wholly indigenous Multi Level Marketing (MLM) Company on a drive to;

1.Empower Members Financially.

2.End Hunger in our Community.

3.Aid Members get their Personal Homes in our Housing Estate.

4.Sponsor Holidays Locally and Abroad.

5.Award Cars and other home appliances.

6.Promote Healthy Organic Foods and Drinks (No Additives, No Preservatives)

7.Promote the Indigenous Manufacturers of these Organic Foods and Drinks.

8.Provide Skills and Trainings.

9.Provide Community Social Services.

10.Help you grow your business.

11.Empower Farmers to Grow and Produce non GMO Plants and Crops.

12.Encourage and Partner with locals, who have skills and great ideas.

HPM is a MLM Company with a human face out to make a real difference. HPM empowers you in real time and in practical ways. HPM puts power in your hands.

HPM . . . the place to be. HPM . . . giving value to your life.


Make a one time registration with N7,600 only. Once you do so, you're in for a life changing opportunity that will possibly land you into a steady home needs supply. Owing to your willingness and your preparedness to make it happen, out of your commitment and smart work.

To achieve this so fast in a shortest of time is so simple. All you need to do is to invites 3 friends and family to register in HPM. When this, is done, you've Completed the HPM STARTER LEVEL.