Welcome to Home Profit Mart Network your expert in managing your Health and Wealth!

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About Us

Welcome to Home Profit Mart Network

Home Profit Mart is geared towards helping us gain success in our homes and communities. This structure is designed to add values to our lives via its programs and activities. Moreover HPM has great rewarding system. When you join, you’ll have a steady supply of commodities and also a good Financial Reward. Home Profit Mart...the place to be, Home Profit Mart... Giving value to your life

To make your earnings faster, we suggest you work with your Team Leader.
Making your registration via your Team Leader's or the Area Coordinator's guide, will help you to avoid some common mistake others make.
Complete your registration by paying through any of the payments gateway provided in our website, or by obtaining our Voucher in any of our centers nearest to you.
Remember in any network marketing business, you work as team.
The Head Office will give you every support you might need to boost your network and also earn the maximum benefit.


- We have our branded Healthy Organic Foods and Commodities
- We also have our Partners Healthy Organic Foods Items and Commodities which are locally produced, that have great quality and standard
- Our Food Items and Commodities includes:
Beverages, Organic Honey, Bean Flour, Bitter Kola Powder, Turmeric Powder, Virgin Coconut Oil, Tiger Nuts Flour, Date Honey, Rice, Yam Flour, Corn Flour, Plantain Flour, Health Drinks From Herbs/ Fruits/ Leaves/ Saps, etc.
NB: Our products and those of our partner's we promote are all Natural Organic Foods and Health Drinks (No Additives, No Preservatives)
- Natural Creams and Lotions from Shea butter and other Natural substances, Soaps and Toiletries, etc.

* Food Items / Commodities
* Designers Perfumes and Creams
* Cars, SUVs
* Good Apartments in Our Housing Estate
* Family Holidays, Travels & Event Sponsorship
* Training, Empowerment & Support Schemes
* Interest free Loan For Business, Bills & Projects.

Our Partners

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